Workaround: PXE Boot your VMware Fusion VM

[Last Reviewed: 2019-02-20] If you attempt to PXE boot a virtual machine using VMware Fusion, you might see this error: Some quick research showed that I’d have better luck using the ‘vmxnet3’ network adapter rather than the default ‘e1000e’ adapter. I had no problem adding the vmxnet3 to our WinPE image, but… it was Friday. … Read more

Download Language Packs from Windows Update

[Last Reviewed: 2018-11-26] Do you need en-US language packs added to ConfigMgr for your multi-lingual IPUs? Do you need it done quickly? Check out New-WULanguagePackPackage.ps1, available on GitHub! This script: Reads an XML file containing the path to language packs on Windows Update (and some metadata, like the Windows version and build) Downloads the language … Read more

The Windows 7 MUI Black Screen of Death Spectacular, or “Why Can’t I Change Languages with DISM?”

[Last Reviewed: 2018-11-17] Here’s a scenario: You’re a global organization looking to upgrade your remaining fleet of Windows 7 machines. Your fleet contains multiple locales–your Frankfurt location runs de-DE, and your Shanghai location runs zh-CN. If you were to run an IPU on these machines using your en-US image, you’d discover pretty quickly that the … Read more

Activating Windows 10 KMS against Windows Server 2012/R2

Yesterday Microsoft unleashed their Windows 10 content in the VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center). I eagerly downloaded the ISOs and started building my ConfigMgr deployment. While building my boot images, I switched gears to get my KMS environment all set. First I installed KB3058168, which adds support for Windows 10 clients. Then I opened Volume … Read more