Credential Guard + WPA2-Enterprise

At MMSMOA 2017, there was a great presentation by Nash Pherson and Michael Niehaus called “If You Simply Deploy Windows 10, You Failed.” In short, they talked about how your upgrade to Windows 10 should not just be a task sequence running setup.exe, it should also be your chance to do some course correction, finally address … Read more

ConfigMgr + Apple DEP

It’s pretty awesome that you can extend Configuration Manager to not only manage your corporate on-prem devices, you can also turn it into a single-pane-of-glass Mobile Device Management solution for all of your devices. I recently hooked up our ConfigMgr environment into Intune with the intent to manage a pilot group of iPads. During that … Read more

TFS 2017: TF255356 error during installation

I ran across an error recently during an in-place upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2017 from TFS 2015 Update 3. During the upgrade, the Configure step would fail with the following detailed message: TF255356: The following error occurred when configuring the Team Foundation databases: TF400711: Error occurred while executing servicing step ‘Install Inherited Service Definitions’ … Read more