The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Multi-Lingual IPU

Here’s a scenario: you work for a global (intergalactic?) organization. Across your fleet of devices, you’ve got many different languages. You’re looking for a clever way to keep all these machines updated when new builds of Windows come out. Let’s say you’ve got a device that is localized for de-DE. If you were to attempt … Read more

Improving TeamViewer Aliases with ConfigMgr

[Last Reviewed: 2018-11-19] Recently one of our technicians mentioned in passing how nice it would be if TeamViewer’s console showed usernames in addition to computer names, so searching would be easier. That’s a fantastic idea–let’s use the TeamViewer API and ConfigMgr’s User Affinity to do this! Prerequisites: Tokens, Please Before we begin, we’ll need a … Read more

The Windows 7 MUI Black Screen of Death Spectacular, or “Why Can’t I Change Languages with DISM?”

[Last Reviewed: 2018-11-17] Here’s a scenario: You’re a global organization looking to upgrade your remaining fleet of Windows 7 machines. Your fleet contains multiple locales–your Frankfurt location runs de-DE, and your Shanghai location runs zh-CN. If you were to run an IPU on these machines using your en-US image, you’d discover pretty quickly that the … Read more

Deployment Adventures: TeamViewer

[Last Reviewed 2018-08-29] [Note: These notes are a bit of a work in progress. Full scripts will be posted to GitHub once I’m more satisfied with their quality.] TeamViewer’s a pretty recognizable name these days. The remote support software is used by family members, businesses, and more. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and the … Read more

Improving the TPM OSD Experience

Here’s the scenario: a machine just came back in from the field and it needs a reload. You kick off OSD, check your email for a few seconds, look back up, and you see a message that OSD has failed. You’ve seen this before. You check the logs to be sure, but you already know … Read more

Automating for Awesome – An Always-Updated Office

It was sometime in 2014 when I first learned about the concept of an “Image Factory”—an automated build system that generates consistent and reliable reference Windows images for one to use in future deployments. At the time, my WinPE experience was limited to ConfigMgr. I didn’t realize how valuable an Image Factory could be until … Read more

ConfigMgr + Apple DEP

It’s pretty awesome that you can extend Configuration Manager to not only manage your corporate on-prem devices, you can also turn it into a single-pane-of-glass Mobile Device Management solution for all of your devices. I recently hooked up our ConfigMgr environment into Intune with the intent to manage a pilot group of iPads. During that … Read more