Code Signing: Proving Your Enterprise Code Is Yours

[Last Reviewed: 2019-04-25] PowerShell scripts, ClickOnce VSTO applications, .NET applications, even Java Deployment Rulesets. What do they all have in common? You can sign them with a code signing certificate! What’s Code Signing? When you digitally sign an executable or script, you’re guaranteeing that the code hasn’t been altered or corrupted since it was signed. … Read more

Credential Guard + WPA2-Enterprise

At MMSMOA 2017, there was a great presentation by Nash Pherson and┬áMichael Niehaus called “If You Simply Deploy Windows 10, You Failed.” In short, they talked about how your upgrade to Windows 10 should not just be a task sequence running setup.exe, it should also be your chance to do some course correction, finally address … Read more