ConfigMgr Update State: I thought I saw a 2!

What does Bender (the lovable bending robot from Futurama) and Configuration Manager both have in common? They both don’t like the number 2.

This post investigates an issue that prevented our ConfigMgr environment from installing the latest update. We knew something was wrong because the “Updates and Servicing Status” page showed no data, and because a particular update had been stuck in the “Installing” update for several days. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what this update is doing.

WARNING: This post contains steps that suggest viewing or editing the ConfigMgr database. These actions are not supported by Microsoft when not under the direction of a CSS representative. Always make a backup before making changes!

The state for all Configuration Manager updates is stored in the CM_UpdatePackages table. You can view the current state of all updates by running SELECT * FROM CM_UpdatePackages

Most state codes are six digits in length, so you’ll probably see a lot of 196612’s and 393213’s (I’m hoping to find a definitive list of these sometime).

In this scenario, the update we’re trying to install currently shows a state of “2” :